Thank you to all of the WNCC Faculty & Staff who helped to make our WNCC Works: Grow Our Possibilities employee campaign a HUGE success!  We have raised over $300,000 to support student scholarships, programs and facilities at WNCC.  We had 96% of our employees participate in the campaign!  


Team Listing


Family Campaign Committee Members and Team Captains:

Fifty Shades of Hay (Team #1)

            Roger Hovey, ext. 6012

            Maricia Guzman, ext. 6168


Bloomin’ Crazy (Team #2)

            Sheila Johns ext. 6366


Garden of Weedin’ (Team #3)

            Susan Verbeck ext. 6101

            Mary Barkeloo ext. 6033


The Beet Goes On (Team #4)

            Yavette Prater ext. 6409


Global Worming (Team #5)

            Normal Coley ext. 6186

            Brooke Blomenkamp ext. 6089


Compost Happens (Team #6)

            Jennifer Rogers ext. 6551

            Jennifer Sibal ext. 6571


Greenhouse Gases (Team #7)

            Tom Tylee ext. 6026


Seedy Part of Town (Team #8)

            Kristin Wiebe ext. 6714


Crazy Acres (Team #9)

            Aletia Norwood ext. 6029

            Ed Salazar ext. 2024


Snail Crossing (Team #10)

            Becky Kautz ext. 6062

            Doug Jones ext. 6369

Thank You

We are honored by the faculty and staff who give back every day in many different ways to WNCC. Thank you for helping us to Grow Our Possibilities.