Student Success

Investing in student success means expanding access to an even greater number of students throughout our service area.  As higher education costs continue to increase, and with only 31% of Panhandle residents possessing an advanced degree, the need for student success is more vital than ever.


For WNCC to produce a greater number of highly-skilled workers to meet regional needs, we must ensure that students have access to affordable education and training opportunities.  All students require and deserve a high level of preparation and ongoing support so they can stay on track to complete their college-level courses, degrees or training programs.


A college education represents an opportunity, but often times comes with barriers.  Many of our students unfortunately are without the necessary funding to continue to pursue their educational goals.  For the past 30 years, generous donations to the Western Nebraska Community College Foundation have helped to create opportunities for students with unlimited potential but limited financial resources.  These investments benefit not only the students, but the entire community as well by encouraging the development of skilled workers and productive citizens.


Expanded access means more students attending college.  Student Success means equipping WNCC faculty and staff with the tools necessary to support not only access, but the achievement of their long-term goals at an affordable cost.  A vibrant Panhandle region means enhanced financial support, the latest in technology advancements to ensure the greatest level of learning, and opportunities on all three campuses to provide a first-rate experience for students.


Scholarships $1,000,000

SMART Classrooms $500,000

Center for Career Pathways $250,000


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