What is the purpose of the WNCC Works: Expanding the Possibilities Campaign?


The campaign will help WNCC work within the Panhandle to overcome financial and educational challenges.  WNCC will expand its efforts to build a community of effective leaders, workers and citizens.  WNCC is vital to a bright future in the Panhandle, promoting economic development, workforce development, and overall quality of life.  This is the largest and most ambitious fundraising goal in the College's history.  But it's also much more.  This campaign is an important investment in what Western Nebraska Community College does best - improve lives, launch careers, and create possibilities that never existed before.  It's an investment that will yield dividends for our students, our business community, and our region.

Why is WNCC conducting this campaign now?


Based on a recent community feasibility study and national data on community colleges, 2015-2016 is considered an excellent time for WNCC to launch its first comprehensive major gifts campaign.  Donor readiness and awareness of community colleges are rising, and WNCC's September 2014 report of feasibility study shows an impressively high level of support for the WNCC campaign at this time.

How much is WNCC seeking to raise?


WNCC has set its campaign goal at $8.95 million in cash and five-year pledges.




Can I spread my gift over a period of time?


Yes.  Investors are encouraged to consider multi-year pledges as a way to make more significant investments than might be possible with one-time cash gifts.  The pledge option provides you with more time to create endowed funds that will leave a lasting legacy.


Is my contribution tax deductible?


Yes.  The WNCC Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  All contributions are considered tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Investors will receive receipts and are encouraged to consult with a tax advisor for complete details.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I direct how my gift is used?


Yes.  Gifts can be given to be used as the College sees the best fit, or can be restricted to a particular campaign initiative or fund.  This can be indicated on the pledge card or by discussing the possibilities with campaign staff.

What will the Foundation do with my gift?


The WNCC Foundation has a strong track record of fiscal responsibility.  The Foundation's protocols require it to seek the highest return, balanced with sound regard for its fiduciary responsibilities and managing risk to capital.

Are there different ways I can give?


There are many options for investors to consider when determining the size and type of gift for the WNCC Works: Expanding the Possibilities Campaign.  Please review our Ways to Give page, or discuss your options with our campaign staff.