Dr. Eugene Hughes, WNCC alum, most recent WNCC Alumni Association Outstanding Alumni award, and retired University of Northern Arizona president, reconnected to WNCC in 2014.  Dr. Hughes was also honored as the Nebraska Community College Association Distinguished Alumni and shared his insight and experiences with the WNCC graduating class of 2015 as the college's commencement speaker. 


Eugene and his wife Margaret Ann established the Drs. Eugene and Margaret Ann Hughes Scholarship Fund for future WNCC students in 2014.  This fund will allow students to achieve their goals and educational aspirations.


"Education--a debt due from present to future generations" was the philosophy of George Peabody when he endowed Peabody College of Vanderbilt University. We, too, believe so strongly in that philosophy that we've established seven scholarships at five institutions that we've either worked at or attended--including one at Gene's alma mater, WNCC. He has always indicated that had it not been for WNCC, he would not have been able to attend college and ultimately have a successful life and career.


Our more than 188,000 alumni are looking for ways to carry on the education and positive start they received from WNCC.  Join us today in supporting the next generation of alumni!